Sometimes, I forget what physical affection is like, when someone comes near and tries to "hug" me, I always think they want to hit more or stab me in the back (literally). I know, its kinda sad. But when you're used to it, its not that sad.

What about surgery? Thats a lot of contact and trusting strangers with you organs and life, thats a little odd. I'm terrified of surgery, I hope the time never comes when I have to get it. . Do you know why our intestines are coiled up? Its because if they weren't, we would be long like giant humanoid snakes, isn't that a disturbing thing to imagine. back to surgery, what if one of the doctors was to commit malpractice? What if your sergeon tries an unknown method of brain surgery? What if your denist rips out all your teeth instead of the singular bad one? What if your organ transplant sergeon mixed up the order of your organs? What if your doctor found a way to inject a dangerous terminal illness into your body? What if your plastic sergeon purposfully butchered your face or put purposfully put in an unstable breast implant and it pops and the liquid enters your lungs or blood stream? Those are the kinds of things you don't want to think about when going to see a doctor or have surgery.


But I guess thats all just "what if"..... right?