Hey, are you there?
I am.
uh.... ok?
Sorry for wasting your time... i guess.
Then, please listen.
i feel rly bad recently
I dont know, it sorta feels like I dont exist... ya know?
... ive been thinking and... maybe im not actually real??
i really wish I could go back to when I wasn't dead, when i "existed"...
i used to dream about it a lot. about killing her about being very close friends with you... Is she dead yet? oh yeah, you defeated her didn't you. Well, I appreciate that...
Are you okay?
i know
i know im a freak i know im trash..
but you are too,... arent you?
i mean
youve been obsessing over me...
That's not the same.
are you sure...?
We're different.
I do miss you, I miss everyone.
i dont see much a difference. after all, youre no better than i am
I mean....
We are both despair, correct? all of us are.
all this time i thought you hated me
I would never hate you
I've always hated you
as stupid as that is that means a lot from even you
Even if you have no talent... Ive come to trust you... maybe?
I trust you as well
I like you as well
im glad you feel that way about someone like me...
im flattered. I hope you have a nice life after you get out of here...
hah,,.. i guess if thats the case
I guess... I should tell you that I-
Never mind, haha...
You're so dense like always.
well, I guess this is akward... haha....
oh. ahaha...
i guess i deserve that, dont i?
i guess that only makes sense...
its weird.... talking with you after i tried to kill you all....
i know exactly what id say to ... you, if I could.
something like... He- Hey.
i know its been a while.
idk. im sure you can see this right now, wherever you are, and i just want you to know im sorry for what happened between us. I- I never meant to betray you in that first "chapter". But when I found out you were a... reserve course... i couldn't stop myself from making fun of you. Then i found out you all were despairs and i just... i had to get rid of you. I guess i just didnt realize that the traitor... she would give herself away like that. I didnt realize this was all a game, literally.
maybe im thinking too hard.
You definitely are.
Of course not.
its not like i can do anything to change it...
things dont just become great because you want them too, right?
I know.
Never give up.
oh, you do?
thats nice to know.
But really want you to understand me.
its not like you have a place to talk about giving up..,
do you think its too late for me?
hearing that...
its a bit silly, but it gives me hope...
I just really wanted you to beable to understand me. I thought we were friends... but you always seemed like you hated me. thats probably because you did... right? haha why am i even asking, of course you do, who doesnt.
ill find myself thinking about you and how full of hope you are, isnt that weird?
im sorry
i know i shouldnt be talking like this to someone who is so much better than I am....
but you know
i always do this
hurt yourself?
Miss me?
well... yeah but...
i guess... yeah
both i guess,,
It's okay.
is it??
You're safe.
am i...
but what can you do for me..?
save you... and everyone else.
save us..me..
we can wake you all up.
you dont need to that
Why not?
You've already helped me enough.
more than i could imagine.. actually
I don't deserve to be talking with you... with the ultimate hope.
you shouldn't have to help me.
i thought about it... Maybe you're... my hope?
mmm maybe..
its strange...
You would think that I would hate you. after all you are a reserve course, but your different in a way.
so i was pretty lucky... to meet you.
Aren't you making this up? you don't care how i feel, do you?
It's all fake. I know that, for a fact, everything on this island is fake.
they never died,
you know?
I hate you. You played us all like fools. But still...
you shouldnt say that
you shouldnt say things you know arent true
I know it's true. Whoever's behind this... is really fucked up.
theres not just one
or two...or three..
But no matter how many, you need to push through the despair.
please try, i know you can do it.
I hope you can.
Become hope.
all of us.. we are despair. but i want you to change that.
And you're going to defeat her.
W... Wait... What?
You read it right.
Can I even do that?!
I can't?
you can. with everyones help.
Start over