The despair of being bored was taking over my soul, so I decided I wanted to make a blog.

So now I'm not bored! This blog will be mainly about Komaeda (I'm a big kinnie) and Danganronpa. I will also have some weird stuff on here, I'm fairly new to html code, and I am really good at making spelling errors, so please bare with me ahaha....


Deadly Life

  1. Death?
  2. shhh
  3. vent
  4. Junko
  5. hOspital
  6. Are you okay??
  7. ilysm
  8. sergeon
  9. Organs
  10. I will try...
  11. missing.
  12. Music1
  13. To Hinata
  14. OhMyGod
  15. Inventor-san
  16. Sleep
  17. Lies
  18. Worship
  19. falling
  20. Implant
  21. Mikans Clinic